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Student Comments


"Adrian and Tony have opened up Reiki to a whole new level for me", 

Carol. Fareham, Hampshire.


" I particularly like the simplicity of Komyo ReikiDo, which strikes a chord with me",

Francois. Portsmouth.


"I'm a different person, able to live more in the Here and Now and not to worry about the future"  

Mark, Chichester. West Sussex

Reiki Hampshire ReikiWorld Academy

A Very Warm Welcome to ReikiWorld Academy 


We teach Reiki at all levels, to men and women from all cultural backgrounds and all walks of life. Whether you are new to Reiki, or you are continuing your Reiki journey, you will appreciate the simplicity of Komyo ReikiDo. We base our core teachings on the use of intention, mindfulness and intuition.


There are 4 levels of Komyo ReikiDo training:


Shoden - First Teachings / Reiki First Degree for beginners.


Chuden - Intermediate Level / Reiki Second Degree.


Okuden - Reiki Third Degree / Reiki Master Practitioner.


Shinpiden - Shihan / Master Teacher Level


Shoden and Chuden focus primarily on hands-on healing, whilst Okuden and Shinpiden are deeper, spiritual teachings which represent a lifelong commitment to the 'mastery' of Reiki. The ultimate aim is to attain your own Satori, or  enlightenment.


Upgrade Your Reiki Teaching to Komyo ReikiDo - 


An intensive 3-day conversion course for existing Reiki Master Teachers of other styles, with at least one year's experience, who wish to teach Komyo ReikiDo.  


Course Requirements


Please read each course description before enrolment, with regards to prerequisites, post-class consolidation and certification.  


Class Structure


We offer flexibility with our Reiki training. For example, outside of our scheduled workshop dates, we offer one-to-one tuition upon request. We may also extend the duration of the course if need be, at the discretion of the teacher.      




Our course fees enable Reiki training to be affordable. Furthermore, concessions and payment plans are available upon request and must be agreed at the time of booking. Please call us for further details.


Please note, the full outstanding balance as agreed will need to be paid before the commencement of the course.

Reiki Training Courses                             Learn how to Heal Yourself & Others with Reiki

Reiki Hampshire Certified Shihan Association member Adrian Perkins